Saturday, October 06, 2012

NY comes to NC

My mother-in-law's only sister is in NC visiting my in-laws for a week, so we made a trip up there yesterday to see her.  It's much easier to make the drive to NC than it is to Buffalo, NY. :)

We had a wonderful visit with lots of chatting and laughing.  We also visited the Carl Sandburg Home, a 245-acre farm where the Sandburgs lived while he wrote and she raised prizewinning goats.  It is run by the National Park Service today, and they keep a herd of about 25 goats now; we enjoyed a walk around the beautiful farm in gorgeous fall weather, with leaves starting to change color and mountains all around us.

We just happened to get there at the goats' dinner time, so the kids got to be part of the action!
Two kids having a conversation
Isn't it cute?  This is one of a set of triplets.
A breathtaking morning glory twining its way up the main house
The kids playing on the big rock where Carl Sandburg often sat to get inspired (when I started to take this picture, the kids were sitting side by side...then David started moving again and never stopped!)
Our group  (From left, Dad, Mom, Aunt Carol)
We finished off the day at Hot Dog World, which is always a treat.  David managed to finish off a whole footlong chili dog but his mother didn't capture a picture of his moment of triumph...oh well!  The last three bites were accomplished by sheer will and accompanied by much moaning. :)  We had a wonderful day and are so glad we got to spend it together!

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Delighted Hands said...

Just a great way to spend extra family time! So glad you went!