Monday, October 08, 2012

Girl-fun Monday

Most of my pictures today are girl-moments...even the cat!

Here is our sweet Mindy holding my hand.  She doesn't like to snuggle up close, but she often reaches out a paw to "hold" our hand or arm while she naps.  I dare anyone to try resisting this feline...she is just too loveable to resist!
On the way to a special event tonight, Abigail and I just happened to swing by Karen's for a snuggle with Adel. :)  She's so rosy and dimply and cuddly!
Afterwards, Abigail and I headed to the library for a special Kirsten (American Girl) party for 8-13 year old girls.  They had snacks and crafts common to Kirsten's time period (Swedish immigrant to Minnesota in the 1800s) as well as a skit derived from the Kirsten books and performed by teenaged volunteers.  Abigail had a wonderful time and even got a special take-home packet filled with AG goodies!  Here she is with Ms. Vicki, the "library lady" who coordinated the event for the girls.
David made it into this picture: our annual "wouldn't their grandmas like to snuggle them in these pajamas" picture. :)  Cold weather has arrived -- at least for now -- and we were all excited to pull out the flannel pajamas.  Indeed, they are snuggly...I tested them. :)

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Delighted Hands said...

Looking forward to my own snuggle...doubt they will need them in Nov but I can snuggle not matter the pj! Glad A had such a good time at the AG party! Adele is beautiful-glad you got to visit!

....give Mindy a stroke from me.