Thursday, October 04, 2012

Second month of soccer

I realized as I started this post that we are already halfway through our soccer season.  Time definitely flies when you're having fun!  We had soccer this afternoon and the kids had just as much fun as ever.  The fields are in full sun, most/all of our soccer days have had temperatures in the 80s, and the kids practice and play for two nonstop hours, so they are sweaty and TIRED when they're done...and they love every minute of it. (Don't worry...the coaches are very faithful about frequent water breaks.)  They love to play...and then they love to come home for showers, pjs, dinner, and an early bedtime!

Abigail, in her own little world, practicing her moves while the ball was at the other end of the field :)
"Hi, Mom!"
Defending the goal

David in action


Bethany said...

What a perfect way to get some exercise and have fun while they are at it...I miss it!

Delighted Hands said...

Almost as good as seeing them in person! You have captured their spirits perfectly~