Saturday, January 15, 2011

School day 100!

Yup, we still have plenty of ice and snow, although the daytime temperatures are on the rise, the sun is warm, and the roads and driveways are clearing.  Here is a picture of Abigail and Samantha enjoying the weather...I took it especially for my grandma, since she knit the outfit that Samantha is wearing in this picture. (as you can tell from Abigail's closed eyes in this picture, the reflection of the bright southern sun against the ice-glazed snow produces a pretty strong glare!)
 On a slightly random note, my Christmas cactus is in bloom!  It's slightly late (although the buds were forming at Christmastime), but it's the first time I've ever kept a Christmas cactus alive from one year to the next, let alone have it re-bloom.  This feat was not due to any great skill of mine (unless neglect counts as a skill), but I put it outside all summer long and I think that made it happy.  This is a rather unflattering picture, but at least it's proof that it happened. :)
Yesterday we finished day 100 of our school year -- it seems like once we hit the midway point, the days start to roll by more quickly.  Day 100 seemed to sneak up on me, what with holidays, illnesses, the snowstorm, etc, so I didn't have anything special planned, but we heard through the grapevine yesterday about a neighbor girl (and fellow homeschooler) who was performing in a local troupe's rendition of Little Women, so we went on an impromptu field trip last night!  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and having a friend on the stage made it extra special to the kids.  Here they are after the show with our friend, who played "Beth" in the production.
 And so another week draws to a close!


Delighted Hands said...

A great way to celebrate the 100th day! Yay for the cactus bloom! A looks sweet in her pic with Samantha!

Bethany said...

Wow, 100! I don't think my Samantha's ice skates ever touched snow...good job Abigail! A play of Little Women must have been wonderful.

cj and family said...

Congratulations! :o) Looks like a fun way to spend the day, even if it wasn't particularly "planned"! :o)

Anonymous said...

Glad that Samantha had her nice warm outfit on! Can't wait til your visit in February! Love, Gram