Saturday, January 08, 2011

Our family Christmas

Since we were away from home for Christmas Day, we celebrated our Christmas at home the Saturday before Christmas.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable day together...
Our babies on "Christmas" morning
This year we gave each of the kids a small allotment of money to let them Christmas shop on their own for Daddy, Mommy, and brother/sister.  They took their shopping very seriously and did a great job choosing.  Here is Abigail with her daddy and the favorite candies she chose for him.
We opened our gifts from each other as well as our gifts from our New York family.  Here are the kids opening their ZhuZhu Pets from the Midlars.  David is exclaiming, "OHHHH!" and Abigail is telling us at length how they both have really wanted one for a long time and how did Aunt Connie know they wanted one?!
 David opening his Nerf gun from Grandpa and Grandma O'Gorman -- his face says it all!
 Abigail opening her "grown-up" jewelry box and a new necklace/rings from Grandpa and Grandma O'Gorman.  She was so pleased and felt like quite the young lady!
Abigail's gift from us was a Samantha (American Girl) doll.
 David's was a Lego set that he has been drooling over for a long time.  Once he got a glimpse of the corner of the box, he went nuts!  I had to share this picture because any of you who know David will recognize that this blur of motion is a very apt rendering of our boy!
 After gifts we did stockings...
 ...and then we went on to things that made us all very happy.  Bruce immediately took a nap. :)
 David set to work building his Lego thing. (Mindy was very happy to have all of her people home and in pajamas, which meant that we weren't going anywhere anytime soon!)
 Abigail practiced her make-up skills with the new set from her brother.
 I headed to the kitchen to make homemade cinnamon rolls... that we could sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.
 We had a really wonderful day together -- a very nice calm in the midst of the holiday storm!


Delighted Hands said...

What a wonderful family time.........hugs.

cj and family said...

I think one of the best parts of Christmas is simply being together as family! :o) I'm glad you had such a special time!

Bethany said...

Seeing Abigail get Samantha brought back memories of the Christmas I got her also! Legos, naps and family time...sounds like a great day!