Sunday, January 09, 2011

Christmas with the McKee clan

Without a doubt, one of the big highlights of Christmas 2010 with the extended McKee family was a white Christmas!  It started to snow on Christmas morning...
...and it kept piling up as the day progressed.  The in-residence cousins all went out to enjoy the snow while they waited for the rest of the cousins to arrive.
(Who would've thought we'd move south and still get to experience a white Christmas?!  It was wonderful!)
Partway through the day, the rest of the family arrived, despite snowy roads.
Here are all of the cousins.
 My family on Christmas Day.
 And with Bruce's parents, who hosted this rowdy group and the whole grand adventure!
After festivities, the dads and older kids all headed back outside to enjoy even more snow!  It was fun to see the yard/street full of cousins having a great time together.
All told, we ended up with twelve inches of snow.  On Sunday we were snowed in and church was canceled, so we all bundled up and headed to a nearby sledding hill to enjoy the fun.  It was the first time our kids really went sledding.  They love an inch of snow on the little hill in our yard, but this was a whole new experience! :)
When we got home, everybody was frozen stiff!  The cousins huddled under blankets while their grandma made hot chocolate.
By Monday, the roads were good enough to get us to SC to reunite with the other half of the clan, who had managed to make it back home on Christmas night.  The cousins enjoyed more playtime, we all had a big dinner together, and then we shared hugs and goodbyes and headed home.
 We had a wonderful Christmas with everyone!


Delighted Hands said...

What a wonderful adventure!

Bethany said...

Enjoying a white Christmas is the best. That is great that your kids were able to experience so much snow!