Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer visitors day 4

As I mentioned in my previous post, today was K's the day started with a celebration of that.  The kids were excited to come downstairs this morning and discover a balloon floating from each of their chairs.  K was greeted with 'happy birthday's all around, and after breakfast she opened a little gift from us and the Friday goody bag.  Today they got lollipops and sidewalk after morning jobs we went outside to try out the chalk and burn off some steam.
The kids got the choice between the pool and the slip-n-slide today and it was unanimous for the latter.  S was hooting and cheering with the rest of them although she had no idea what the slip-n-slide was! :)  The minute she saw what it was she decided that she did not like it...but every couple of rotations everyone waited while she sat in the pool for a minute, and that made her happy.
Abigail had her regularly scheduled PT this afternoon; we left a little early so we could visit a nearby playground.  The kids had a blast together.
My apologies to their mama, but K and S are obsessed with having two braids now.  How cute does this look, though?! :)
 These three liked me to push them really fast on the tire swing.
 Abigail and S liked to operate at their own -- more docile -- speed.
They went on the slides and then went birdwatching together (although I'm not sure S ever got the point of what Abigail was patiently trying to explain about the art of birding).
 Sweet sisters
 They finished by playing a few games of hide-and-seek.
 I love S's version of covering her eyes to count!  Her counting was precious, too...they counted up to thirty and she got most of the numbers, only she mentioned the higher ones in her very own order!
K's gourmet birthday dinner...hey, it was 5 p.m. when we were done with PT, and everyone was hungry!  Actually, this was planned...after perusing our schedule earlier this week, I had asked K if she would like Wendy's for her birthday dinner, and she was thrilled with the idea!  Kids are easy to please. :)
 When we got home, it was time for her birthday song and dessert.
We have been practicing one of the fine arts of parenting...wearing out your kids just enough so that they are ready for bedtime but not wearing them out so much that they are overtired and a mess at bedtime!  So far, so good!!!  Tonight's bedtime (after a few extra chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in honor of the birthday) was peaceful and happy.  Thank you to all of K's family who emailed/called her all produced some big, beautiful, birthday-girl smiles! :)


Delighted Hands said...

What an excellent time you have planned for the kids-it has been a grat week!

Like Fudge said...

WoW! You've really got your hands full! Looks like everyone is having a great time.