Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer visitors day 2

Here is our day, mostly in pictures, with a few captions thrown in for good measure:

After I did Abigail's hair this morning, S promptly announced, "I want my hair same as hers!"  A. was the next to request it, and although K was a mite scornful of the 'matchiness' at first, soon even she succumbed and asked for hers to match, too! :)
 We enjoyed some outside time this morning, before the temperatures got too unbearably hot.
 After that we came in for morning snack and some air conditioning...the kids all played royal family together.
 Next was lunch and goody bags...then pool time!
 Today's goody bags included new squirt guns for everyone!
 S is so cute...and she knows it! :) (I believe that's her daddy's smirk on her face!)
 By the end of pool time, S was so tired that I put her down for a nap as soon as we got home.  She insisted she didn't need one and voiced her disapproval for a few minutes (like any self-respecting toddler would!) but then she took a good nap.  Once she was asleep, I took the older kids outside for some slip-n-slide fun (and no, S did not know that's what we were going to do.  I may be 'mean' enough to make her nap but I'm not that mean!). :)  The kids had tons of fun!
(Abigail finally figured out how to go down on her belly and actually make a splash at the bottom -- hooray!)
Afterwards they got a sprayed clean with the hose (they thought it was very much 'living on the edge' that they got a hose-bath instead of a 'real' bath!) and then we came in to dry off and unwind.  They watched Curious George while I got dinner in the oven.  After dinner was family Bible time and everyone was starting to get very droopy...
 ...so after a few more minutes of playtime, it was off to bed...with a little entertainment along the way!
 (A and S had both been coveting each other's bed, so we let them switch!)
Bedtime was a little sniffly tonight, but only for a few minutes... everyone was too tired to stay awake for long.  Some extra snuggles and kisses, a reminder of our fun plans for tomorrow, and a countdown to when Daddy and Mommy will be home set things to right and everyone was asleep before 8.
And here are my babies last night...David has an air mattress set up in Abigail's room this week, but apparently they wanted some together-time.  :)


Delighted Hands said...

How wonderful! I love the action shots-they look so happy-how are you doing in the tuckered out realm?!

Amy (Kicher) Parker said...

Thanks so much for doing this! I am Michael's sister and it is so fun to see the pictures of the girls! I know hom much Mommy and Daddy must loving seeing this blog.

Amy (Kicher) Parker said...

Sorry...that would be "how" and "love"! We spent most of our day at Hershey Park and I could use a nap...and I am only keeping up with 2 kiddos!

Bethany said...

You are doing a great job keeping all the kids happy and busy! It reminds me of my nanny days to 5 kids!