Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer visitors day 1

This week we are privileged to have our friends' three daughters staying with us while our friends are at summer camp with our church's youth group.  The blog this week, while continuing to share our everyday life as usual, will also be a chronicling of our adventures for our friends who are far away from their girls this week!  My mom did this for Bruce and I when we were away a couple of years ago and it was wonderful to get a glimpse of our kids every day.

First bedtime (last night) was a piece of cake, and everyone slept until a reasonable hour this morning with no midnight adventures!  Today we all survived the painstaking process of figuring out who sits by whom at breakfast...
After handing out job charts for the week and finishing our morning jobs, we had some backyard playtime (bikes, swings, etc), then we headed to my weekly PT session.  Bruce stayed in the van with the kids (they watched a DVD and colored) for that hour and they behaved nicely.

After lunch, they got to open the special goodie bags that our friend prepared for each day of this week.  I forgot to get pictures, but they had a blast eating some gummy worms for dessert and then blowing bubbles together!  (The girls each got a note from their mom and dad, too, which they loved...and the youngest, S., carried her note around for quite a while this evening, too.  It looked precious all scrunched up in her chubby toddler hand!)

After goodie-bag time was pool time!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the swimtime -- and even the quick rain we got in the middle! (notice S. covering her face so she didn't get rained ineffective but very cute attempt!!!) -- and we enjoyed a long, leisurely stay at the pool.
Karen came to spend some of the afternoon with us, too, so after pooltime and bathtime, the older girls got to hold baby Noah.
After such a full day, we were all tuckered out...there's something about swimming, a warm bath, and then a soft couch and Curious George...
We woke S. up for dinner, where everyone ate heartily after burning off so much energy today!  The kiddos are all tucked in their beds now...again, an easy bedtime with no tears :)...time to get recharged for more adventures tomorrow!!!


Delighted Hands said...

Wonderful to see the kids-glad your first day went so well!

Bethany said...

What a fun day for everyone!