Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sheep to Shawl 2010

This past Saturday we went with our friends Rodney & Greta and their kids to the Atlanta History Center's annual Sheep to Shawl event.  It was a great outing; the grounds are beautiful, and we got to see lots of demonstrations, as well as hands-on activities for the kids.  The 'sheep to shawl' portion afforded glimpses of the yarn from shearing the wool off the sheep... spinning it into yarn.  (We also saw washing, carding, and dyeing.)
 The kids got to make their own pottery bowls
use an old-fashioned wood planer
 dip candles
 make sheep puppets using real wool
 play with old-fashioned toys
 enjoy the animals
and enjoy running around the lovely grounds.  The grown-ups especially enjoyed this one garden, full of rhododendron and azaleas, not only because it was so pretty, but because it was in a little ravine that helped contain all of the kids so that we could sit and talk!
 Abigail liked trying a butter churn...she was pleased to see 'in real life' what it meant when Laura (Ingalls) had to churn the butter.
 One last picture, just because it's sweet.  David and Lauren shared secrets all day long!


cj and family said...

This looks like a really cool event for when ours get a bit older!

Bethany said...

This looked so fun! I want to go! :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Can I go next year? This looks like a place where I could spend a great day with the grandkids!

Like Fudge said...

What a fabulous experience for the kids! Love it when education is just plain fun.

Philigry said...

that must have been so much fun for you and the kids!