Thursday, April 22, 2010

David's 8th birthday...dinner and gifts

David chose tacos for his birthday dinner.  No, he is not blinking in this picture...he is enjoying his food!
  We let the kids open one gift on their birthday morning.  David's was a Tom & Jerry DVD.

Some more highlights of gift-time include...
Birthday money from the Midlars (and he loved that their pirate card matched his new pirate shirt!)
  A new board game and a Lego set from Grandpa & Grandma O'Gorman
 A bag of goodies from Grandpa & Grandma McKee -- this was a Lego set
 He was unimpressed with the tiny wrapped boxes of his last gift...until he saw that there was a note inside!
 He followed the note's instructions and ran to our bedroom closet, where he found...
 ...a set of real golf clubs, not only his size, but also left-handed!  That smile you see on his face in this picture didn't fade for a very long time. :)
His Florida birthday party included a tennis rackets and balls from G & G Minota, as well as a real leftie's baseball glove from his uncles and Kristen.  I think we're definitely moving into the next phase of boy-life!
Thank you, everyone!


Bethany said...

You can tell by his smile that he was given the perfect gifts!

Delighted Hands said...

He is looking way too old! What a happy, full steam ahead kid!

Like Fudge said...

Looks like a day of pure pleasure!