Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old MacDonald's Christmas

Over Christmas, we had six cats in the house -- my parents' two, my two, and my brother Caleb's two tiny kittens.  They all behaved pretty well, and although they didn't all love each other, they managed to get along amicably for the most part!
My parents' Nyki and our Mindy resting in between wild bouts of happy play...

Our grumpy Molly grudgingly shared my lap for a peaceful nap with Caleb's Sketch & Storm!

Mindy "helped" my mom wind her yarn!

And here is our Mindy taking a snooze, all tangled up...she likes me to carry her around like this!  Can you figure which limb goes where?!

The only cat I'm missing in pictures is my parents' Bling...but he spent most of his time sleeping in happy solitude upstairs!

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Delighted Hands said...

It was a feline festival, wasn't it?! Sketch and Storm have probably changed the most-they will get so big this pic will be a cute reminder of their being the babies of the family!