Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday field trip

Yesterday the kids and I went to Fernbank Museum on a field trip.  We went there once before, but this time we added a visit to their IMAX theater to see the movie Deep Ocean (it was very cool!), we saw a new exhibit which included a collection of stunning gemstones...

...and then we re-visited our favorite exhibit, Sensing Nature.
The bubbles are definitely our very favorite part of the exhibit!


They liked making colored shadows.

It was fascinating to watch a tornado form...

...and to attract lightning.

Abigail loved standing in front of the green screen and watching herself on television!


Last but not least, here are my two beautiful babies in front of one of the aesthetically-pleasing circular windows overlooking the atrium (David liked pretending to climb it to make me break out in a sweat...isn't he cute?!).

We always enjoy outings together, especially when we can all learn something new!


cj and family said...

Sounds like a great day! :o)

Delighted Hands said...

I think we will have to plan a trip sometime with grandparents....Looks like a great day-I love the pic of you and A flinching when the bubble bursts!(Good photographer!)

Deb H said...

Cute pictures. Children are so delightful! Bubbles are one of my favorite things. I try to keep a bottle of them in the Recovery Room for the kids to blow when they wake up from Anesthesia. It helps clear their lungs & usually makes them less fearful.

Deb H said...

Oh & thanks for adding your voice to my debate. I think I have won the wood!