Saturday, October 20, 2007

In Ocala, Florida

We arrived safely at my brothers' place in Ocala, Florida -- the weather was dreadful for driving (rain almost the entire way, and some of it deluge-type rain that slowed us down a good bit), but we made it and are glad to be here. The kids were good travelers, as is typical for them, and they are ecstatic to be hanging out with their uncles. Yesterday before we came to the apartment, we visited the guys at their stores, so it will be nice to be able to picture them where they work. My brothers' apartment is so nice -- and spotless, wow! -- I will take some pictures today, although I won't be able to upload and post them until I get home. It feels strange to be hosted by my little brothers instead of them coming from our parents' home to visit me -- but it's a good kind of strange! They are currently asleep, but the kids are starting to climb the walls, so I may have to let them loose on their uncles soon...!

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