Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have a good reason for not having posted trip pics yet!

Two, actually. First, we are currently battling some nasty computer virus that is causing my computer to drag and get hung up instead of quickly and efficiently running programs. As you can imagine, this gets really frustrating really fast...and I don't have the time to monkey with it when everything drags. Second, I cranked my neck the wrong way yesterday morning and it reacted quite unhappily. I am so sore that when we are home (where no one outside the family will laugh at me!) I keep it all hunched up to relieve the pain -- this afternoon Bruce called me Quasimoto (i.e. the Hunchback of Notre Dame). Isn't he too funny...! Sitting at the computer desk does not help. Truly, I will post pictures as soon as I can make it happen.

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