Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Children's Place sale

A heads-up for those of you who shop at Children's Place (I shop on their clearance rack for my kids), I stopped there today for a baby shower gift (not from the clearance rack!) and was rewarded with a bunch of stuff for Abigail -- skirts, shirts, pants, tights, and even two purses -- stuff that I had eyed earlier this year but refused to pay $15-$20+ for -- and today I got them for $4.99 or less! (There were even gorgeous shoes, sneakers, and boots, though we couldn't take advantage of those because of Abigail's brace) I checked their website and this appears to be a chain-wide sale both in-store and online, so I thought I'd share the news. (And for Debbie, who bemoans her excessive distance from a mall, they currently have $5 shipping for online orders, too!) The kids had a blast while I dug through the sale racks...there was a little girl about David's age, whose mom was also shopping, and the three kids played in, around, and under the clothes very happily while the moms shopped! Playdate at the clearance racks...!

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Debbie Griffin said...

I LOVE IT!!! I started reading your post and was already "bemoaning!!!" I will check it out online...I hate to pay shipping, but at $5, it's cheaper than a trip to the mall...not nearly as much fun, but cheaper! Thanks for the info! :-)