Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A heart full of gratefulness

Today I have been reflecting on the Lord's mercy in our lives... *David had to have a CT scan yesterday to check out a lump on his back. We got results today and it is NOT a tumor, which is of course the most frightening option that was out there. He will have an MRI done to try to figure out exactly what it is, but we suspect it is fluid of some sort from an old injury on that spot. *Both kids had hearing checks today and got incredible reports. Both of David's ears were stable with a few small improvements, and Abigail had huge improvements across the board in both ears. *Lisa is much improved, and there is talk of her going home tomorrow. Although those things are never reliable until you're actually out the door, just the suggestion is a wonderful thing. Today was one of "those days", when everything little thing that can go wrong does (complete with being stranded at the drive-thru at A&W because the employees were having a knock-down-drag-out fight inside!), and yet covering all of the annoyances of the day is the knowledge of God's mercy to our family. There are not adequate words to describe how wonderful He is and how grateful we are for His care for us.

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