Monday, May 07, 2007

A busy week ahead

I am going to say this now in case I don't post in the next few days -- now you will know why -- we have a crazy week ahead of us! Tomorrow we go to get Abigail's brace adjusted, Wednesday I have a class to attend (related to Abigail's CP) and then a hematologist appt, Thursday we go to get Abigail's glasses, Friday is the kids' annual cardiology checkup. Did you catch Thursday's activity?! Today the kids had their annual opthalmology appt (sometimes hearing loss can happen in conjunction with eye and heart issues, so we get those organs checked every year to make sure nothing untoward develops), and while their eyes are structurally sound (which is good news!), we found out that Abigail needs glasses -- she has one eye that is very farsighted. In this instance, we are grateful for her hearing loss, which prompted us to have her eyes checked every year -- otherwise, who knows how long it would have been before this was diagnosed. According to the doctor, without glasses to correct this, her brain would have started to "shut off" her right eye, so by the time we discovered it down the road, it probably would have required some difficult rehab. Now she will be all set, even before she starts to read, etc. This vision issue has nothing to do with her hearing loss -- it is just one of those things. I took her to order glasses right away and they are so tiny and cute! I am feeling a little sad about detracting from those stunning navy blue eyes of hers, but I know that we will quickly get used to her in glasses, and I am very grateful that they will help her so much. Do I need to mention the "we're never bored" line again or do you all know it by heart now?!


Debbie Griffin said...

I'm starting to think you make these things up! Can so much really be going on with just one family! :0)

Greta said...

Marsel, you sound pretty chipper in this entry but I know how much it hurts when our children are experiencing hardship. Again, you're sweet spirit is such an encouragement. Please let Rodney and I hold you up with prayer and also with help whenever needed. I know that you all still have so much ahead of you. May the Lord give you strength as he molds you and your children for His purpose.