Sunday, July 07, 2013

Our week ~ June...well...more like whole the month of June!

The month of June was a whirlwind...a wonderful one, but hard to keep up with!
We managed to sneak in a day with Karen and her kids.  We enjoyed watching a professional juggler at our local library.
Karen was concerned that the baby might not sit still happily, but she was just as enthralled as the big kids were!
 David's favorite part of the act...standing on a ball and juggling machetes.  (The juggler did make the kids promise not to try it!)
We also went to a park for a picnic lunch and playtime.  The boys never held still, and Adel was pretty sure she could keep up!
My little mama soothing the baby for her nap. :)
Be still my heart...Hofmann hot dogs and coneys have come to our local grocery store!  It is wonderful to eat these hometown-favorite hot dogs again!
Look who's finally heavy enough to activate the safety switch on the mower!  It is now David's job to mow all of the flat areas of our yard.
We went on a camping trip with the Kichers and had a wonderful time.  We have declared it to be a new annual tradition.
Bruce has been teaching David how to play chess; they like to play while I finish getting supper ready.
We also had several appointments to go to during June...this is at the office of Abigail's orthopaedic doctor.  They have a lovely, giant aquarium with turtles and fish.  We're always a little disappointed when we get called back for our appointment. :)
Here is Abigail and her beloved physical therapist, Carol.  To the best of our recollection, Carol has been 'our' PT for 6 or 7 years now.  PT isn't an obligation for's happy time to spend with her friend!  We are so thankful for Carol and all she has invested in Abigail.
In between appointments, trips, and rain storms, we have squeezed in a few visits to the pool.  If you look closely, you can see that this visit was about to be cut short by the start of another rainstorm!
We next traveled to Florida to have an incredible visit with my parents, brothers and sisters-in-laws, and -- for the first time -- we had all five cousins together!
I did a terrible job taking of my sisters-in-law was snapping them maniacally with her fancy camera, so I got lazy and let her take them all! :-/
Here is one of my brothers and the five cousins in "the tree" at Fort Matanzas.
Bruce took these from his happy place under the shady cabana.  The water was gorgeous, and even Abigail got brave and tried body-boarding!
I will have to revisit this trip once I get my copy of Krystle's few just don't do it justice!
It was so wonderful to have all of us together, even for a few precious days...
then we headed home to get ready for our next trip.
This summer has NOT been boring!

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Delighted Hands said...

Oh, how wonderful to see your month in review! We did have a great visit, didn't we!!!?