Sunday, July 07, 2013

Our week ~ June 24 (summer camp at the Wilds!)

As has become our tradition, we took our church's junior campers to The Wilds summer camp this year.  Something new for us this year, though, was that BOTH of our kids went as campers! (YIKES...serious growing pains for this mom!)  This was the first year that Abigail was old enough to go and she was so very excited...she has heard David gush about camp for two years now and she was thrilled to experience it for herself.  Her post-camp report was that she loved it and can't wait to go back next year!
Our JBCers (Junior Boot Campers -- ages 9-12 -- everything has a military theme)
JBCers with their counselors
 Abigail participated in lots of activities that really pulled her out of her comfort zone -- and it was great for her.  Here she had to walk a balance beam across the water (a major effort for her) while the other team was throwing wet sponges at her to knock her off!  I was so proud of her.
She had a counselor who really went the extra mile to take care of her when she was exhausted from all of the strenuous physical activities.  We caught many glimpses throughout the week of Abigail and her counselor in poses like this one. At the end of the week, we thanked her counselor for all of the extra work she did to make camp a great experience for Abigail (she had 5 other girls to care for that week also) and she just kept saying what a joy it was to be Abigail's counselor and what a sweet girl she was.  The servant-heart of all of the counselors there is a real blessing not only to the campers but also to the campers' parents!
 Here is David scoring five points for his team by jumping from the rope swing and through the tube (it was much harder to get pictures of David this year because he was constantly on the move...and at top speed!).
 JBC Carnival is a fun night of games and treats.
The girls got facepainting done
 David throwing a ball, clocked at 41 mph
Our JBC church family picnic partway through the week
 We sponsors (us for JBC and our friends the Kichers with the teens) enjoyed a wonderful week of staying up RIDICULOUSLY late every night fellowship and sitting under the excellent teaching and preaching at camp.
Bruce and Michael golfed in the sponsors' golf tournament and Michael won an award for "closest to the pin" on one of the holes!
 Friends of ours who have moved away to Florida were at camp the same week we were, so we enjoyed getting to spend time with them again, too.  I also got some baby-love in while her mama was at a teaching was tough, but I survived somehow! ;)  Isn't she just edible?!
 It was a wonderful week, full of blessings for our whole family.  We are counting down the days until camp next year!

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Delighted Hands said...

It is great to see the kids in their element but heard, too! I'm glad it was a success for everyone!