Sunday, July 07, 2013

Our week ~ July 1

I feel rather like this was our first week of summer vacation!  Our traveling is over for the time being, so I spent most of the week doing the things that I usually do the first week of summer vacation -- cleaning up and cleaning OUT!  Corners that have collected clutter, piles of stuff that have magically appeared and grown...all of the places neglected during the frantically-busy school year have gotten cleaned out and scrubbed off!  The kids don't understand my glee over these projects; they usually hide upstairs and play so that they don't get roped into helping :), but Mindy is my ever-faithful and very enthusiastic assistant.
Sunday afternoon, we got a surprise visit from our pastor and pastor's wife from our church in New York (the pastor who officiated at our wedding ceremony).  We had a wonderful afternoon of fellowship and catching up on each other's lives.

On Monday, Abigail got her new leg brace (aka AFO -- ankle/foot orthotic).  She got to choose the design (lavender with butterflies), so she was very excited to get the finished product!  This brace is more 'invasive' than the last one in the sense that it covers much more of her foot in an attempt to help correct the deformities developing due to her CP.  She is doing a great job wearing it faithfully, though (the pretty design and snazzy new sneakers help with that), and we haven't had any issues with rubbing or bruising, and it has already started to make a difference in the appearance of her foot.
While we were waiting at the orthotics office, we snapped a picture of her beautiful pumpkin smile!  She lost her two front teeth a couple of weeks ago.
Then we got silly and succumbed to the giggles!
We managed to sneak in a 'just us girls' visit to the fabric store while we were out. :)
Our blueberry bushes are producing...happiness is fresh blueberries from the backyard to put on my cereal in the morning!
Our weather has been rainy, rainy, and even rainier, but we didn't let that dampen our celebration of Independence Day.  We just brought the bikes inside to the living room, turned up a John Philip Sousa album, and decorated away to our heart's content.
The Lord cleared the skies just long enough for us to have our own little bike parade...
...complete with puddle-splashing, a fun side benefit of all of this rain! :)...
...and enjoy some sparklers (and grill our Hofmann hot dogs for supper, too!).
We ended the week by getting a load of mulch.  With a lot of elbow grease from my two guys and the usual faithful service by our beloved old van, 100 bags of mulch are ready to beautify our yard.  Now if only the rain will stop long enough for us to work outside...! :)


Anonymous said...

That was quite the catch up on the McKee family. Love knowing all the goings on with you guys. Love, Gramimatssn

Delighted Hands said...

What a great start to this month! I loved the giggle pics and the bike decorating-very intense creativity!

Hope your weather stays clear for the outside work to progress in small doses so you are kind to your muscles! <3

cj and family said...

So glad to "catch up" again ... your weeks have been as busy as ours!! Junior Boot Camp really looks like fun ... will definitely have to consider for Hannah next year.