Monday, March 25, 2013

Our weeks ~ March 11 & 18

Our calendar has been insanely full, but we are surviving and even enjoying the togetherness in the midst of the busyness!

Our spring soccer season has started, so Thursday afternoons are spent at Homeschool Soccer League.  The kids love playing; I love that it is only 2 hours every Thursday afternoon, with no extra practices/games on other days of the week.  Unfortunately, the weather for our first two sessions reminded me of my soccer days in upstate NY -- COLD!!!  Both days had wind chills in the 30s!  I am thankful that my two kids' age groups are playing on side-by-side fields on the parking lot edge of the ball fields, so I sat in the van and watched them instead of sitting outside.  It makes for not-so-good pictures...but it's better than freezing. :)
We have a neighbor who has access to too-ripe-to-sell and/or overstock produce at one of our local grocery stores, and when she gets an overabundance, she shares it with neighbors -- I was very excited to find this at my front door one morning!
The kids and I made a quick trip to Florida to see my grandparents one more time before they head back to NY (they are snowbirds).
David enjoyed working on the new shed with Grandpa Minota and Great-Grandpa O'Gorman (getting to use a power tool was a happy thing, too!).
My brother Caleb and his wife Cassandra celebrated their first anniversary while I was there, so my mom and I got to keep my niece -- their surprise honeymoon baby :) -- overnight.  It was wonderful!
The kids went swimming.  Well...Abigail tried but couldn't bear the cold water.  David swam like a polar bear.  I sunbathed and didn't even try to swim -- I don't like swimming until the water hits 90 degrees!
We celebrated Abigail's birthday a few days early with some of our Florida family.
I failed to get any pictures of the kids with my parents -- grrrrr -- but here is a nice picture of my parents!
Since we got home, Bruce and David have been working on the building that will soon be our new church home.  David loves these workdays!
We finished these two weeks with Abigail's 9th birthday, but that event warrants its own blog post. :)


Bethany said...

A box of free produce on my porch would be awesome! Looks like a great few weeks. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

What a lot you have going on-glad I got to share some of this time!!!

Love the action shots in soccer!

cj and family said...

I have totally missed your weekly blog posts and just got caught up on all things McKee! LOVE them! Love seeing the everyday joys of being family. :) ♥ Thanks for blogging again! :) (You were the one who inspired me to begin however many years ago, you know.) :)