Monday, March 11, 2013

Our week ~ March 4

We had a week that was a combination of slow-at-home and on-the-go.  We started the week with our usual piano lessons and art class, except that our art class took a field trip to the fabric store, which was a very exciting event! :)  Each of the kids chose their own fabric because I will be teaching them how to sew, starting with a pair of pajama pants.  I turned around at one point to find all of my students lined up in the empty fabric-display cases. (These pictures are poor quality because I forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone -- boo!)
We stayed busy with school all week, of course...we are almost 80% of the way through our school year!  This is a typical school scene for us; the kids were working hard and Mindy was supervising.  She does this for a while before she settles in her window seat for morning naptime. (Samantha was observing, too, and wearing the new outfit that Grandma Minota had sent for her.)
In the middle of the week, we got snow!  (This is an exciting thing when you live far enough south to not see it very often.)  It was a "Georgia blizzard" -- it filled the air with flurries for a few hours but nothing stuck.  It's hard to see in the pictures, but if you look really closely, you can see some flakes.
David was very excited to get a double-yolked egg for breakfast one morning. :)
In typical Georgia fashion, one day we had snow...the next day it was warm enough to play outside in shirtsleeves.  David was off playing with a neighbor friend; Abigail was engrossed in her own happy imagination-world!
I have been busy with secret sewing for a young lady whose birthday is coming soon.  Mindy likes to help me when I sew.  In this picture I was ripping out seams and she put her paw on my arm to "help" me.  She does this all the time -- she also does it with the kids to "help" them write on their school papers -- she is quite sure she is one of the people in our family!
Isn't she beautiful?!
I have been knitting new dishcloths again lately because my supply needed an overhaul.  This is pretty much the only thing I knit at this stage of is mindless and easy and enjoyable...and I can always use a new, pretty one in my kitchen, so they don't go to waste.
 One afternoon, Abigail and I spent a lazy hour sitting on the porch swing enjoying the sunshine.  We were playing one of our favorite word games together and decided that our "x" vocabulary was way too limited, so we pulled out the dictionary.  The "x" section is only the front and back of one page, so it's no wonder we don't use many "x" words -- there aren't many to use!  Sunshine + good company + words = happiness in our house. :)
This mockingbird serenaded us while we sat.  HER vocabulary is certainly not limited in any way.  Boy, can she sing! (Sometimes she imitates a cat, too, which always makes us laugh.)
Our household is full of laughter, which I love.  We all especially enjoy making Abigail laugh, because once she starts giggling, she is helpless!  She will probably never thank me for this picture, but I wanted to capture the unbridled laughter of my still-eight (but-only-barely) little girl!

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Delighted Hands said...

Thank you for this 'CONNECTION'!!! What a great week-I like the kids in JoAnn's, of course! Looking forward to the pics of their progress on the actual sewing. <3