Thursday, May 31, 2012

A sewing project for pool days

This is my view on the way to the pool these days...David likes to ride his bike to and from the pool, so I follow behind him in the van, and he shows off and checks over his shoulder to see if I'm impressed. :)
Today I did a sewing project idea that I had seen here  -- waterproof seat protectors for the van.  They are made from old swim towels and a vinyl tablecloth (I got two seat covers out of one cheap tablecloth from WalMart); it seems like a great way to come home wet from the pool without the ensuing dampness on the seats that makes the car smell funky!  I made some design tweaks (I wanted mine to cover the headrest) and here they are.  Abigail tested hers for us on the way home from the pool today and it worked great.


Bethany said...

Now that is a good idea and perfect for your family. I wonder if David's will get any use this year?!

Delighted Hands said...

You did a fantastic job-very nice idea and it turned out great!