Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boy-blood and a birthday cookie (but not together!)

We have moved to the next phase of boy-wounds.  No more of the kiss-it-and-put-on-a-Bandaid type of it's the full-body, there-aren't-Bandaids-big-enough type of wounds!  David wiped out this past Saturday while riding his bike and tore up his arm from shoulder to elbow.  On Monday he wiped out on a scooter and tore up his leg from knee to toes.  I have now gone to the store and stocked up on lots of supplies for big-boy-sized wounds. :)  (It's a good thing I had three younger brothers who were just as go-get-'em as David is; this prepared me well.) Just for the record, these wounds look even nastier in person than they do in the picture!
^Do they ever outgrow looking sweet and snuggly when they get out of the bath/shower?!  Mine haven't yet and I'm glad. :)

Tonight at our Wednesday night "Patch the Pirate Club" we had our monthly birthday celebration.  It's amazing how nice the picture turns out when you tell them that we can't eat the cookie cake until we get a nice picture -- we got it on the first try. :)


Delighted Hands said...

Sorry for the wipe outs-was he doing an amazing new move?! Nice job on the cookie/cake-great motivation for a good picture!

Bethany said...

Oh boy adventures, sigh. Johnson & Johnson makes a killing on them!