Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thanksgiving in Florida

We enjoyed a visit to my parents' (in Florida) for our Thanksgiving holiday...Matthew and Caleb were able to join us for most of it, too, and we all reveled in the time spent together.  Along with being together and eating a lot, other highlights of our week were...
The guys had their golf outing
 The kids thoroughly enjoyed lots of uncle time!
A wonderful Thanksgiving feast with family and friends
There was swimming (way too cold for me...thank goodness for uncles!)
 Lots of naps
 Tractor rides with Grandpa
 Helping Grandma decorate for Christmas
 David had a fight with some yellowjackets (and they won)
 An uneventful trip home...
 ...and cats that were very happy to see us!
 It's always sad to say goodbye and yet wonderful to be home...


Delighted Hands said...

If only you could capture a pic of all the laughter , you would have a perfect reflection of our time together! Thanks for coming!

Bethany said...

What fun family time...poor David though :-(

Emily MacGill said...

I love the family pic where David is making a face. It made me laugh! :)