Tuesday, December 07, 2010

McKee Tannenbaum 2010

Since we were in Florida the weekend after Thanksgiving, we didn't put our tree up on our normal schedule.  We went and picked it out this past Thursday night...
 David takes this job very seriously!
 This is actually his favorite part, though -- look at his smile!
On the way home, we got our annual treat -- Hot Vanilla Cremes from Starbucks.  We needed them for thawing purposes this year...it was COLD outside!
 Due to our busy schedule, we didn't get to decorating it until today, but now the tree is trimmed and it is just lovely.  There's nothing quite as heartwarming as a twinkly, sparkly Christmas tree with my two babies smiling in front of it. :)


Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful! Especially the two packages in front of the tree! You were all really bundled up getting the tree-cold, huh?!

Amy said...

It looks like your tree hunt was a great success. The kids look thrilled!

Jess said...

It came out so beautiful! So nice to see all of you in the a the tree picking photo.

If Bob does not agree to get our tree tonight I will be going into the nearby forest and gnawing down a pine tree with my teeth! I will most likely end up lost in the forest, eaten by a bear and then he will have to do all the laundry. He should just get a tree, it would be for the best.

What sort of lights are those on the tree they look different? I really like them.

Anonymous said...

Your blog today was suffient to bring great grandma to tears. What a great family you four are!!! Love to you all