Sunday, December 12, 2010

Church Christmas program

Our kids were part of the Christmas program at church today...hence all of the sewing lately.  I made an angel costume for Abigail; I wasn't going to make her a Christmas dress because I was too busy, etc etc...and then I realized that I have only one daughter, and she will grow up beyond 'fancy dress' stage all too soon, and then I would regret not having made the time to make her feel like a princess!  I kept it a secret until yesterday.  She was so excited, and when she tried it on, her awe-struck intake of breath and exclamation of "Oh, Mommy, it's just like a real ball gown!" made it worth every minute of work!
 Here's a picture of my boy singing during today's play.  He played the dad and he did a fabulous job.  What a gift to have my children hearing and speaking lines, and hearing and singing music!  We do not take it for granted, and I was choked up for about the first half of the play at the wonder of it.
I didn't get any good pictures of Abigail singing in the choir or reciting her verse (which she did wonderfully), but here she is 'coming to Bethlehem' as an angel.
 Here is the whole Nativity scene.  Are they precious or what?!  Look at that beautiful angel!  Those gorgeous golden ringlets just shone under the light and I must admit to being a bit teary. :)
 Merry Christmas!  Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gifts!!!


Bethany said...

What precious memories! Abigail looks beautiful in both mama made outfits (is that you beaming in the background?) and David looks so grownup and handsome!

Amy said...

How wonderful! I remember always being one of the sheep because I was too shy to say lines. Good for them! Your children are beautiful.

Delighted Hands said...

Two grandparents thoroughly enjoyed this post........thank you for sharing it! We are so proud of the kids work getting ready for the play, and your part, too.