Thursday, July 29, 2010

Colors of July

Foreword: I follow a blog called "Life Looms Large"...Sue's pictures are always so beautiful!  At first I felt a little lame reading it (because, you see, she was actually my mom's 'blog friend' first and it felt quite lame to copy my mother, as though I couldn't find my own friends). :)  Eventually I got over it and I thoroughly enjoy her blog and her inspiring photographs.  Each month she does a post called "Colors of [whatever the current month is]".  I finally got my act together to participate, so here we are...
Colors of July in northern Georgia
Most of the color is in my garden right now.
 Zinnias...and a butterfly...and cosmos
 Serrano peppers
 Poblano peppers
 Sweet banana peppers
 Sweet potatoes...this picture doesn't do them justice.  Even though the leaves look chewed, the plants are healthy and the colors, variations of green with deep purple thrown in the mix, are so pleasing.
 I LOVE the spiral shape of the expired clematis
 A stray vinca flower that popped up
 This is a hot month in the South, and a lot of the colors start to fade a bit.  We're likely to have another surge of color when the nights cool off a bit in a month or so, and then our autumn colors will start in October or November.
Thanks for visiting!  Be sure to go here and see the July colors from other places far and away!


Amy said...

Those are great pictures! It looks like your garden was a big success this year.

Delighted Hands said...

So nice to have you play! I love the colors you have captured. It is good to make you stop and really look at your yard. (I am always glad to share with you!)

Jess said...

Get your own friends, dork!

Your garden looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Great Job on the pictures
Groovy Pops
Hi dorky Jess

cj and family said...

Nice pictures! Faded green and brown are about the extent of the color around here right now ...

Annie said...

Even if you say the colors have faded a bit, you caught some splendid colors in your pictures!
Nice to see what they are like in this month in your part of the world.
And: the friends of my friends are my friends... Doesn't this go for your mother's friends as well?
Don't worry and when you like this excercise like we all do: I look forward to your August colors!

Life Looms Large said...

So glad you joined in this month!! Thanks for sharing your colors!

Your garden looks beautiful and productive. Great job capturing the butterfly in a photo. I always have trouble photographing butterflies.

Happy August!

PS: Love the photo in your heading of the kids in inner tubes! Something about the color and composition is just great! (The kids are always great!)