Friday, January 30, 2009

A bit of beach for our bathroom

I have long wanted a fishing net to go in our nautical-themed bathroom, and when we were on our anniversary trip this past summer, we found one and bought it. It's been sitting in the closet waiting for the day that I have time to paint the bathroom first...but last week I visited a friend's house and she had a net strung up with shells in it and I decided that enough is enough! I can't wait until everything is perfect, because "perfect" just isn't going to happen often at this stage of my life! So I promptly put up my net, put in some of the shells that we found on "our" beach in Clearwater, and it's lovely. Now every time I walk past the bathroom, it makes me smile! Me collecting shells on "our" beach ~
right in front of our hotel at low tide
Clearwater, FL ~ June/July 2008


Jess said...

Okay, first of all the net looks wonderful. Second of all I found the perfect employment for us... on the Fine Living Network there is this show called "Whatever, Martha" where these two women (one is her daughter) that sit and watch tapes of The Martha Stewart Show and... make fun of her.

There is certainly no 'perfect' at this point in our lives.

Delighted Hands said...

It looks so nice-glad you didn't wait! You can always improve but some is always better than none!

cj and family said...

It looks nice! Life is too short to wait for perfect (umm, wait, did I say that!?!?! I need to learn that myself!)

Bethany Luerssen said...

Ohhh the beach...I love to be reminded of the beach! You did a lovely job:-) I have been catching up with your blog tonight and Bruce is right about the insect infestation...I would be of the other 99%!!! However, I'm glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

It looks great, Marsel! Way to go!