Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tuesday...voting and then some

This morning after school, we went to vote. We have been studying the election process, from political parties to the popular vote to the electoral college, and both kids have been quite fascinated with the whole shebang. They were so excited to be able to watch me cast my vote for President of the United States...it was so sweet to see! It has been a joy to begin to instill in them not only a sense of the civic duty they will have someday but also the privilege it is to be voting citizens of a free country. Then it was on to grocery shopping, piano lessons, and hearing checks. Both kids had significant drops in hearing. We had expected it in Abigail, since she has been exhibiting her signs of increasing deafness, but David had dropped as well (his loss is now down to profound in one frequency which has been sliding lately). It's always hard for Abigail when she gets her HAs cranked up after a loss like this; she gets quite fragile and is easily overstimulated...hopefully a good night's sleep will help a lot and she will adjust to 'normal' hearing again tomorrow. After the fatigue of the hearing check process, everyone was excited to go out to dinner with RaDora. We ate at Napoli's and thoroughly enjoyed the food and the conversation...it was a very nice end to a busy, tiring day! The kids -- yes, both kids, even the non-car-sleeper Abigail! -- were sound asleep when we got home, so it was a nice treat for Bruce and me to be able to carry them up to their beds and tuck them in...and here's to a great night's sleep for all of us! (..."all", that is, if Bruce ever quits watching the returns and actually goes to bed!!!)


Delighted Hands said...

Glad you took them voting! Love the princess look for Abigail!

cj and family said...

We're praying for the kids' hearing. Many blessings! 2 Cor. 9:8