Sunday, November 23, 2008

My blog is a casualty of my busy life!

One of the things that has taken a back-burner since we started school this year has been the blog. I miss updating it daily, but there often just isn't enough time. As the schedule has gotten packed even tighter in the last couple of weeks, the blog has really suffered! I miss it when I'm unable to get to it, and I'm sorry especially for my grandma's sake, because I know how much she enjoys (needs?!) that daily dose of her great-grandkids. But...when there just plain aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish even what absolutely needs to be done, the things that are important but not necessary to survival just have to fall by the wayside for a bit. All that to say, the time will come again when I can update more regularly -- and hopefully it will come soon! Hang in there, Grandma! (...and thanks for understanding.)


Delighted Hands said...

We understand, just miss you!

Laurie said...

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Anonymous said...

Can just say, enjoy each day because time goes by so fast. Gramp and I say"how have we been married for 55 years? Love Gram