Saturday, October 25, 2008

What the guys did...

This will not be a complete listing of everything the guys did, because they got a lot done and I'm sure to miss something! Bruce, of course, had to work, and aside from his regular schedule, he was also in California on a business trip Sunday-Tuesday (however, as my mom pointed out, he and my dad managed to lose to the ladies during two nights' worth of Wahoo!!!).
My dad and David dabbled in just about everything:
they worked on my car,
insulated part of the garage ceiling (i.e. my kitchen floor!),
pulled overgrown bushes out of my landscaping,
trimmed the remaining bushes,
cut down a few small trees,

cleared underbrush, rigged up our dehumidifier to drain outside (no more daily water-tank emptying for me, hooray!), mowed the lawn, sprayed poison ivy, watched Gunsmoke, drank fresh cider, and ate apple pie. :)

David thoroughly enjoyed the chance to be outside all day, everyday, working like a little man to burn off all of that excessive energy of his. It was a hard adjustment back to low-key yesterday...and back-to-school on Monday could be interesting!!!
Thanks, Dad, for all of the work you did to whip this place into shape for us! We love you! (...and not just because you got so much done...that was just a nice bonus! :)


cj and family said...

It sounds like you guys had just as wonderful a visit as we did! It's so nice to be able to spend extended time with family! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

I love me to !!!!