Monday, October 13, 2008

Christopher Columbus!

(...saying it with the exclamation point always makes me smile as I think of Jo (as portrayed by June Allyson) in Little Women, who used it as a mildly epithetical exclamation, much to her sisters' horror!) Today the kids came to school dressed as explorers (their version of one, anyway), and we finished our school day with a short lesson and fun activity book about Christopher Columbus. (For anyone interested, the activity book was downloaded from Enchanted Learning, a great website that I use often for school activities. A lot of their stuff is free, and some of it is members only. I just joined, since I have more than gotten my money's worth just from the free stuff...and I wanted access to all of it!)Today we introduced our last few "special sounds" in phonics class. They are designed to last throughout the first grade, but David & Abigail have picked up on them quickly and I saw no reason to slow them down. Here they are with big smiles just after they finished the corresponding book. Good job, kiddos!

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Anonymous said...

Good job looking like explorers
Grandpa Minota