Saturday, February 09, 2008

Some life lessons we learned this past week

~It is not a good idea to rinse off muddy eyeglass lenses by swishing them around in a puddle...on a concrete driveway. ~Yankee candle jars do not stand up well to being dropped from the mantel to the marble fireplace-hearth. ~Even at ages 3 and 5, the kids are not old enough to start out the day in the clothes I want them to wear when we go out and about in the afternoon...(but then I'm one to talk!). We had quite a few interesting moments this past week! Today has been a wonderful day -- the first in a long time that we have been able to just enjoy being together and without a schedule to keep to -- it's beautiful out, so the kids played together very happily outside for about four hours, Bruce and I sat on the porch swing and watched for a while, then we went inside and played Scrabulous (Facebook's online version of Scrabble) and I WON! Nobody ever gets to beat Bruce in any game that is even remotely knowledge-linked, so it was a very exciting moment for me...besides the fact that it was just fun to get to snuggle on the couch and play a game all at the same time! We love to spend time together just as much -- no, even more than -- we did when we were newlyweds... Now Bruce is getting ready to make us his fabulous French toast for dinner while I bathe the (VERY dirty) children...what a nice day!


Debbie Griffin said...

Isn't it interesting how much more precious time is now that we've been married for a while? I, too, love spending time with Brent more than anything else--and yes...more than we did when we were newlyweds, too! I couldn't imagine loving him more at the time, but now...our love is so much deeper...sappy, Valentines' moment here...sigh!

Joshua said...

I take that as a challenge. Bruce can expect a Scrabulous invite from me tonight.