Thursday, December 07, 2006

Recap of this week's appointments

We are finally at the end of a grueling week of appointments...we are all wiped out but glad to have tomorrow to (Lord willing!) stay home, relax a bit, and (for me) catch up on this week's housework! Forgive the less-than-pretty style of the updates (below), but I am too tired for anything else...! David -- *Speech evaluation (CI prep) went very well, tested out at an age-appropriate level, albeit on the low end of normal. HUGE improvement since his first eval early this year. *Hearing check - had some more loss, not a huge one, but did have an across-the-board drop in his left (better) ear, which we were hoping to not see until his CI is in (the right ear) and he is rehabbed. It is a small loss relatively speaking, so we are hoping that it was just one of those things and not another 'beginning-of-the-end' thing! Great news - his FM system came in and we got it up and running today. He is really excited about it and he hasn't even yet had the chance to see what it will really do for him! Abigail -- *PT (last session of the year) -- her PT was blown away by her improvement since last month. One of the last goals they had for her was to start introducing her to jumping, but Abigail has already learned how and was even jumping independently on the trampoline at PT. Her PT told me that they hope for 6 months of progress in one year's time for their CP patients, but that Abigail has had one year's progress in only six months! Great news. Official PT eval will be in late January. *Hearing check - more loss. After the HA adjustment today, I am already seeing improvement in her hearing and speaking ability. Our next hearing check, as well as David's first official hearing eval for the CI, will be a week from today (the 14th). Thanks for your continued prayers for us!

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