Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas cuties

...The best presents we've ever gotten!
Out-takes from this photo shoot in our photo gallery!


shannon said...

This is a cute picture.

I can't believe you haven't posted anything new all week! Are you real busy, or is the newness of this wearing off?

Debbie Griffin said...

No...I didn't make the mom bought them from the Strasburg outlet. I tried my hand at smocking once and decided I needed to do something else :-) That or buy a pleater! Although I am sewing more and more for the kiddos, I'll leave the smocking to the pros! Love the pics from the outtakes! Especially the one with David shooting you! My kids were about the same way, but it helped that Daddy was standing right behind them if they fussed too much!

Marsel said...

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely insane. I have been fortunate to post anything at all. And then see today's post for the rest of the story!