Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our weeks ~ August 5 & 12

As this month flies by, we have been keeping up a frenzied pace...when we are not in school or at an appointment, we have been working at our new church building, getting it ready for occupation.  We are on the homestretch now, though, so we are very excited!  It has been fun for the kids to be involved, too.  Here I am with my painting crew. :) (David was on a different crew that morning.)
On a side note, that garish yellow on the walls is now gone -- phew!
David and I worked at the twice-a-year consignment sale that I participate in, with great results again this time...I sold enough to cover the new stuff I bought plus some pocket money left over!  Before we left to work our shift, though, Bruce was outside and I was in the shower...and David got the bright idea to lock his dad out of the house, with all doors locked and barred.  Bruce was a great sport about it...someday David will appreciate what a gift that was!
School is trucking along.  David did his first report of the year; he designed, created, and presented a volcanic research robot.  That project was right up his happy alley!
The kittens are just as cute as ever and are all settled in.  The older cats have made peace with them and everyone is pretty happy.  Felix adores Mindy...she likes his attention sometimes and beats him up when she doesn't!
Who wouldn't love this face?!
Cat nip time
 Up Trixie's nose.  This is what she does whenever she sees the camera.
Trixie wants to be near us all of the time, participating in every event. Here she is helping David choose a sticker for his speed drill paper
  When Felix gets in the mood, though, he is a snuggly baby!
 ...and so our August is barreling by us!

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Delighted Hands said...

Awww, I did enjoy this visit, thank you! Nice to see you bored as usual but the nicest part is that you are cranking busy TOGETHER-not each on their own thing. It makes a difference!