Saturday, August 03, 2013

Our week ~ July 15

This week began our countdown for the last two weeks of summer break.  Mindy and I worked hard to get the school area all cleaned out, reorganized, and ready for a new school year.
David got his golf clubs all cleaned and ready for some autumn golf games.
Abigail squeezed in as many pajama days as she could, as well as some art project time.
We visited the park with Greta and her kids (and I forgot a picture -- grrr!).  Is this girl in the picture the same girl who used to be too unsteady on her feet and too afraid to try anything at the park?  Don't get in her way now!
Karen and I went blueberry picking and came away with four gallons between us.
Noah and Adel came for an overnighter at Aunt Marsel's (Adel's first -- and she did great!).  David and Abigail taught the little ones the joy of a giant pillow pile.
Bruce took on a home-improvement project in the kitchen...
...taking out this ugly old thing...
...and installing this!  :)
Ah, the sweet but fleeting days of summer break!


Delighted Hands said...

It did seem an abbreviated summer but a ton of activity I especially just made it seem so , I guess!

Bethany said...

The perfect place for a fan especially since you do your school work in there. :-)