Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Our week ~ March 25

We interrupt spring to bring you...more winter!  We were surprised to see snow in the air the morning of March flurried off and on all day, then picked up late in the day.
We woke up March 26th to a dusting of snow.  We have lived down here almost ten years now and have never seen snow this late in the spring!
Even Mindy was ready to hibernate!
Despite the snow, life marched on. :) Our art class has been making great progress on their pajama pants.  The pant legs are assembled and sewn onto waistbands and hemming.
 Friday morning we left super early to take Abigail for Botox in her leg to try to countereffect the spasticity caused by her CP, which is pulling her left foot so strongly that there is concern that it is beginning to bend the bone on the outside of her foot.  They administered the injections (15 that we could count afterwards based on needle marks) under general anesthesia.  Abigail was a trooper for the whole adventure and is doing great!
The doctor came in to mark her leg to be sure that they injected the correct one in the OR, then he gave the marker to Abigail and told her to write on mom or dad.  After many assurances to her that it was okay just this once, she gleefully made a smiley face on her daddy's leg!
On Sunday, we celebrated Christ's resurrection with our church family and then went to our friends' house for a lovely Easter dinner and wonderful fellowship.  (A HUGE thank you to my mom for all of her painstaking work to make this yard-sale-find dress fit me beautifully!  She is amazing!)
I got some baby snuggles in after "niece" Adel settled all of her beautiful chub into my arms and sweetly obliged me by falling asleep there!
Isabelle wasn't so sure she liked sharing me with Adel, but she DID like posing for the camera. :)
The reminder of our sure hope in Christ, along with friend-time and good food, was a wonderful way to start our new week!


Delighted Hands said...

What a great perk to see this post! Glad you had a great day for Resurrection Sunday-minus the snowy beginning of your week! The sewing is coming along beautifully-a thrill for all the new sewing artists!

The dress looks lovely on you, too!

Bethany said...

What a beautiful family photo! Glad Abigail's procedure went well also.

cj and family said...

Ditto to Bethany! I'm glad the procedure went well, and your family photo is beautiful!