Sunday, April 07, 2013

Our week ~ April 1

Our week started off with a bang as Abigail decided to have her hair cut for Locks of Love.  We have never cut her hair -- only trimmed it an inch or two twice a year -- so this was a big decision!  She has been deliberating for months, but once her mind was made up, she could hardly wait to get it done, so we headed out Monday afternoon for her big event.
She donated ten inches!  For the first few days, she kept swinging her head back and forth and saying delightedly how "swing-y" her hair felt. :)  She looks beautiful!
Monday night we met RaDora for dinner.  It had been waaaay too long since we had seen her, so it was wonderful to spend some time together.  I was reminded why we love her so much...she is just a lovely person inside and out.
Our week ended under the black cloud of a stomach bug, so we did a lot of this...
...curling up under a blanket, naps, reading, and watching cartoons.  We are feeling all better now and back to our normal selves...and our normal diet, for which David especially is grateful.  He is convinced that the BRAT(Y) diet is a tool for starvation and torture!

I finally did something I have long meant to do...followed all of the instructions for forcing a potted amaryllis to go dormant and then bringing it "back to life" again.  It is blooming now -- a brilliant orange-red four-bloomer with a shimmery, sparkly sheen that I couldn't get to show up in a picture.  We are thoroughly enjoying its beauty.
This past Friday, I finished writing out my lessons plans for our LAST FOUR WEEKS of school -- I can NOT believe we are so close to the end of the school year!  We are all excited at the thought of summer vacation and so we are hitting our schoolwork with a new level of enthusiasm!


Bethany said...

Abigail does look light and breezy! It will be perfect for the upcoming hot months. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

What a nice week-the flower is striking! Sorry you ended it with a stomach bug but the rest of the time was momentous!

cj and family said...

Hi Marsel, Glad to hear that you're all (mostly) feeling better again! We're at our 4-wk mark too!!! Hip-hip-hooray!!! :D