Friday, November 09, 2012

Frosty fall mornings

As is typical at this time of year, our near-the-mountains climate has been giving us warm, sunny days and cold, frosty mornings.  Yesterday and today we woke up to 32 degrees and a hard frost.
The cooler temperatures combined with some rainy weather earlier this week made for a couple of tuck-in-your-nose-and-tail kind of days for all of us!
Our boy thoroughly enjoys decking out in camouflage and racing around the yard evading capture by enemies.  He is convinced that I really do have trouble seeing him when he's "sneaking" around in his he makes loud tweeting noises from behind the trees so that I know he's out there somewhere.  (I have not pointed out to him that the fluorescent green and orange gun aimed at me tends to give away his position!)  He likes to have an audience...even if it's just Mom looking out from the deck. :)
The changing of the seasons seems to trigger particularly monster-y behavior in the cats...we came home from church on Wednesday night to this view of a mildly shamefaced Mindy sitting in the tangled midst of two of my knitting projects!
Today I let the kids come to school in their pajamas (a special treat).  Here they are during science class, racing to see who could answer the geology questions first.
Another week down -- 42% of our school year complete -- and life races on!


Delighted Hands said...

I love this kind of post-a real glimpse of your life! Looking forward to a real hug and not just a digital one........!

Bethany said...

Cool leaf pictures! Mindy did a great job looking ashamed. :-)