Monday, January 16, 2012


This past Friday, the weather forecast for our area reported a 0% chance of precipitation.  Undeterred, our little girl prayed sweetly and sincerely that morning and asked her heavenly Father for some snow.  Oh, the faith of a child!  Not too much later, the snowflakes started coming down...a few here and there, and then enough to make it worth bundling up the kids and letting them catch some on their mittens.  No accumulation, not even enough to see in the picture, but enough to grant the desires of Abigail's heart and give us all a little reminder of the tender love of our God.
As for the weathermen and their impressive technology and their forecasts, God is still in charge!  I grabbed a picture of the radar during our snow flurry.  See the only patch of snow in metro-Atlanta, pointed out by the orange arrow?  Guess where?!
Our snow was lovely...and it was a good reminder to me that God is listening and that He loves His children!


Delighted Hands said... inspiration of faith for all of us! Love it!

Bethany said...

God is definitely listening to Abigail's prayers. I love the radar picture and that you will always have it as a reminder of child like faith.