Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Imaginary travels

A mysterious person came into my kitchen the other day, handed me a pretty-smelling little sachet, and gave me this note:
"I am a weary traveler, and I don't talk.  I am very poor, and that is the only gift I have.  Please give me a gift, ma'am."
I handed the traveler a silver coin, and she left.
 A while later, she came back with another note:
"I have finished my journey, but I am wounded.  Rich people scratched and hit me.  Please care for me.  By the way, I am a great listener.  My name is Listener."  I tucked the wounded traveler on the couch, wrapped her wounded arm, and gave her a quilt, a book, and some Smarties ("medicine").

I love the journeys on which my kids' wonderful imaginations take us!


Delighted Hands said...


Bethany said...

What a fun game! She is precious. :-)

Anonymous said...

I humbly praise the LORD she gets to be a child.This world today won't let them from the sit coms,public education system trying to make them adults all to quickly and parents allowing it.We tried our best to let you and your brothers do the same.Oh what memories of those times and your imaginations.
Groovy Pops.

Renata said...

So adorable! What a sweet traveller you had visit :)
Have a wonderful day

Emily M. said...

What a fun visit! :) Abigail has a great imagination.