Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our vacation in New York

In New York we stayed with my grandparents and enjoyed a week and a half of family, friends, and lovely fall weather.  Here are some of the highlights...
O'Gorman family (my mom's family) get-together
 Minota (my dad's family) women get-together (minus two who were missing)
 Apple picking
 A visit with my great-aunts (my grandma's sisters)
 Relaxing time with family
 Sewing time! (this is my grandma's completed Christmas wallhanging and my "in the works" Christmas quilt)
My friend Sarah's wedding
 Me, Sarah, and Shannon -- we started kindergarten together!
Somewhere in there, Bruce had to fly home and work, so the kids and I made the trek home together.  The colors at this rest stop in Ohio were lovely.
We had a wonderful trip!!!


Delighted Hands said...

Ahhhhh, loved the highlights of the marathon trip! So glad you got so much family time. Priceless.

Jess said...

How fun to get together with both sides of the family!

I love Abigail's "apple picking outfit". It's perfect.

You're Grandma is a busy bee and her wall hanging is lovely.

I thought I told you not to get out of the car at the rest stops!