Friday, October 01, 2010

Beach vacation

We are currently enjoying a family vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!  We arrived Wednesday night and Bruce had to make a work-related presentation Thursday, so the kids and I entertained ourselves.  We walked on the beach during sunrise time, although we saw nothing but clouds due to the remnants of TS Nicole.  The surf sure was impressive.  I am used to the ocean being blues and greens and grays, so it was neat to see it just in myriad shades of stormy gray.

We went back to our room to warm up...this is the stuff vacation is made of, isn't it?!
The weather stayed a bit cool all day, but it was pleasant enough, so we visited the pool and the kids really enjoyed the lazy river.  Abigail enjoyed the floating; David enjoyed adding his own energy to the fast current to see just how fast he could go!

After Bruce got back, we enjoyed a beach walk together.  Bruce and I held hands and strolled for a few minutes, then we carried flip flops and admired the kids' shells and hollered admonitions not to get too far into the water while wearing their hearing aids...and we shared laughs over parenting and enjoyed the precious time with our kids!
The kids and I headed back down to the beach for the sunrise this morning, and although still cloudy enough that we couldn't see the sun come up out of the water, it was still lovely!  We watched and talked about the God Who is powerful enough to create the ocean, set its boundaries, and then keep the ocean waves coming to shore, wave after wave after wave.  Something about being near the ocean always renews my awe at our great God!


Delighted Hands said...

Excellent post! What a great beginning to a family vacation together!

Bethany said...

Such true words and oh my, such beautiful pictures! The one of you and Abigail is a great picture of a mother and daughter's love. :-)

Like Fudge said...

Sounds as if you are are savoring a time of refreshment and just plain fun! Enjoy!