Monday, March 22, 2010

How the kids kept busy in Florida...

The kids stayed very busy while we were in Florida.  They played in the sandbox that Grandpa filled with clean sand left over from their stucco project...
  David drove the lawn tractor that Grandpa keeps just for him.
Grandpa took the kids to Home Depot to make rain gauges at the kids' workshop,
and then when they got home, Abigail got an early birthday present -- her first fishing pole!
They went off to try their hands at a local fishing hole.
 I love this picture!
They built a fort from a big toilet box (complete with a swing for Abigail's dolls).
 They played cards with Grandma.
 ...and that was just a few highlights.  They also played in their bamboo fort, took hikes, went on tractor rides (on the big John Deere), played all sorts of imagination games, visited the neighbor's goat farm, ate ice cream with Grandma O'Gorman (whose picture isn't in this post :(, but she's in the St. Augustine post!).  They got very dirty every day and ended every day with a bath to scrub them clean and a bed into which they willingly collapsed.
They had a wonderful time!


Amy said...

What a grandpa to keep a tractor just for his grandson! It sounds like a great time and has me looking forward to some summer weather.

Delighted Hands said...

Didn't we make the most of our visit?! It was wonderful!

Bethany said...

Oh the memories they will have!