Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Abigail's sixth birthday

Abigail was absolutely delighted to be turning six! All day long she told me that she was bigger, that she felt older, that she could do more things all by herself...all because she was six now! :)  It was so cute.

Abigail got to open two presents in the morning before Bruce left for work.  One was her requested 'birthday dress' with an extra little surprise...a matching doll dress.  (I had to do some serious eleventh-hour sewing to get these done in time...why do I procrastinate?!!!!!!!)
The other 'present' she opened was an envelope from her brother which contained a colored picture of a puppy and a note that said "I love you so much!"  It was SO precious.

After school and lunch, a few friends arrived for a birthday tea party.  The invitations requested that the girls 'wear their favorite dress and bring their best-behaved doll'...and they all did.  What a bunch of princesses!

(I forgot to take a picture of the dolls at their very own tea table...)
They even had their own waiter!  David wanted to be included but recognized that it was going to be all girls, so he offered to be the waiter, complete with suit and tie.  He did a superb job pouring their 'tea' (hot chocolate) and serving them cream, marshmallows, and sweet treats.  The girls took it all very seriously and it was so sweet to hear the murmur of ladylike conversation and the clink of my good china (which came out for this very special occasion).
After tea, they enjoyed some rousing rounds of "pin the lid on the teapot" and then they all ran upstairs to play with their dolls.
 After the party, Abigail requested a walk through the neighborhood, so we set off to enjoy the lovely afternoon.  Abigail showed me that she knew how to skip now that she was six (and it really was the first time I'd seen her do it!  Who knew six was such a magic number?!).
We walked, talked, played, and enjoyed the lovely spring scenery. be continued in the next post! 


Delighted Hands said...

Thank you for the tour; it was almost as good as being there! Just a delightful start to her big SIX year!

Delighted Hands said...

(PS The dress turned out beautifully, daughter, great job even if just under the wire!)

Amy said...

She looks beautiful and so happy in her dress. And the party looked so sweet!! And what a waiter!!