Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Mindy is a real sweetheart of a cat...her personality continues to develop and she is so much fun!  She and Molly have a tolerant sort of relationship...Molly is never effusive in her affection for Mindy, but at least she has learned to enjoy catnip together and will even let Mindy sneak nearby during naptime...sometimes!
Mindy is as curious as they come and is forever crawling into little spaces and trying new things.  Last week she figured out that she can play the piano...and she still persists in trying to catch the fish for snack.
Mindy is sweet and affectionate with all of us, but there's no doubt that David is her best buddy.  She wants his attention constantly; she wants to be part of everything he does...literally.  When he goes outside, she watches forlornly out the window.  She brings her mousie to him during school and doesn't see why he'd rather write on papers than play with her! (actually, he would rather, but I won't let him!)
She lets him do just about anything with her, from pushing her around in their toy grocery cart to carrying him around in Abigail's doll carrier.
She does take time out from tagging along with him to play with the rest of us, too, especially when we're doing something interesting...here she is dancing ballet with Abigail.
I know that not everyone is a 'cat person', but we sure are -- we thoroughly enjoy our cats!


Bethany said...

We are cat people and that is such a cute relationship she has with David!

Delighted Hands said...

Cats bring out the best in us! Love this kitty post!!

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see you taks and treat them judt like people even though they are animals.Does it run on both sides of the family ?Merry XMAS (inside joke)
Groovy Pops

Anonymous said...

That was to see you talk etc

Anonymous said...

I'm not a cat person, but I am glad that you can have pets that Abigail isn't allergic to. I enjoy seeing the pictures of David and Abigail playing with your cats! :)