Saturday, February 13, 2010

February snow

We got a southern-style snowstorm here yesterday!  No, it was not a snowstorm according to northern standards, but we are not in the north.  The snow started while we were at Abigail's OT.
By the time we got home, it was really coming down, and it was beautiful snow, too.  The kids played outside in it for a long time, and I went out a couple of times to chronicle the snowfall!
The snow didn't end until the middle of the night, and overnight, it dropped down to 23 degrees.  This morning, I was supposed to go for an early-morning MRI.  I got a mile or so down the road before I quit and came back home...the roads and everything on them are frozen.  We have no plows to clear roads or throw salt/sand down, so the snow that had partially melted on the road became ice...and it's a mess!  The only 'snow/ice clearing equipment' we have is rising now and should improve the roads in the next few hours. :)  Here are pictures of our winter wonderland this morning.


Anonymous said...

The snow is even prettier from our RV in Texas, where we don't have any. Enjoy your visit with the grandparents. Love the "train house". Sharon

Life Looms Large said...

We got about that same amount in the last snow storm. What a strange winter!


Delighted Hands said...

These pictures are just breath-taking! So pretty I mean. Glad you turned around and came home.

Debbie Griffin said...

I heard on the news last night that 49 of the 50 states have snow...obviously Hawaii is the odd ball out. I also heard that parts of Atlanta got quite a bit of snow...and there's only one snow plow and 8 salt trucks! We haven't had any snow since may end up with more than us by the time it's all over!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice early spring april dusting like we use to get on the farm.Better you than me though there seems to still be amazement and beauty in it.
Groovy Pops

Bethany said...

Beautiful! I LOVE your house!